Tetsu Hiruta

(S&P, Newbuilding, Project)


Born in Hiroshima prefecture in 1979. 2003, Start Shipbroking career at Seven Oceans in Japan. After few year experiences, hired by one of large Shipbroking house Lorentzen & Stemoco Oslo as S&P and NB Broker. In 2007, transfer to BMC Shipbroker (Lorentzen & Stemoco China), for one year contract. From 2008, back to Seven Oceans Japan and start S&P, NB Broker for Japanese local Ship owners. September 2009, resign Seven Oceans and establish new Shipbroking company UNIVERship co., ltd. After acquired Seven Oceans in 2016, become CEO of Seven Oceans and transfer all shipbroking activity into UNIVERship.


(S&P, Newbuilding)


Used to work Logistics company for four years. Start Shipbroking career at Ocean Trust from 2015. In 2016 joined UNIVERship. In charge of S&P, NB and Project.


(S&P, Newbuilding)


In 1991 Born in Kyoto, grew up in Kyoto.After studying abroad in Canada, worked at local Trading house and House Manufactory company.In 2018 joined UNIVERship in charge of S&P Broker.

Hirokiyo Oka



In 2011, Jointed Seven Oceans Co., Ltd. In 2016 joined UNIVERship. In charge of S&P, NB and Project.

Takahiro Sakaki


Eleven and half years experiences as tanker broker for spot chartering. Joined UNIVERship in March 2017. In charge of post-fixture/operation..

Koichi Watanabe


After having experienced working as a shipfitter, joined Vancouver based shipping company in 2007, responsible for day to day technical management and operation of the company fleet. Also worked as a freelanced site supervisor and provided project management of new ship constructions.

Mari Kumada


Born in Gifu prefecture and spend 7 years abroad for high school and university. Previously worked as a business consultant for more than 10 years with extensive experience with both domestic and international clients. Joined UNIVERship in 2016 to lead research division to support shipbroking activities.

Sarah Yanagisawa


Born in Tokyo, grew up in Chiba Prefecture. Spent two years in England in childhood. After studying abroad in Canada, worked at an advertisement agency and managed various kinds of events for sales promotions. Joined UNIVERship in 2017. In charge of research division.



In 1990 Born in Akita prefecture ,grow up in Akita prefecture. In 2008 went on to university ,moved to Tokyo. After completing graduate school, Worked the Government office and the venture company. Experienced research and public relations. In 2020 joined UNIVERship. In charge of research division.