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About us


Name: UNIVERship Co., Ltd.

Capital: JPY20,000,000

Place of office: 3rd Floor, Orix Hamamatsucho Building, 24-8, Hamamatsu cho 1- Chome, Minato – Ku, Tokyo, 105-0013, Japan.    (MAP)

Contact details: Tell +81 3 6450 1855,   Fax +81 3 6450 1860

Activity: Sales & Purchase, Newbuilding, Financing, Ship Evaluation, Market research, Ship Chartering.

Established:  August 1st 2009.

Director: Tetsu Hiruta

Main Customer: Aono Shipping, Inter Oceans, Eifuku Kaiun, Toda Kisen, Shinto Shipping (member of SOC), Suzuki Jitsugyo, Yawatahama Kisen, etc

Main bank: Mizuho Bank




1) 4,000dwt general cargo 8years Bareboat for Japanese stock listed company.

2) 2 x 7,200cbm LPG Sales and 13years Bareboat back Project for Japanese local Owner.

3) sold 22,000dwt Methanol Tanker to Foreign Buyer.



1) 12,000dwt st st chemical long term BB charter.

2) 9,000dwt coating chemical tanker long term BB charter.

3) 12,000dwt coating chemical tanker long term BB charter.

4) Sale and Lease back for coastal chemical tanker.

5) 19,900dwt st st chemical tanker long term T/C charter.

6) MR Tanker 3 years T/C

7) 3,500cbm Sales and BB Back deal

8) 7,200cbm LPG charter to European Charterer.

9) 61,000dwt BC Newbuilding with long term Time Charter.



1) Two units of 7,200cbm LPG Newbuilding delivery 2014.

2)Fixed 30,000dwt st st chemical tanker straight sale

3) Two units of 3,500cbm LPG Newbuilding delivery 2014.

4) Two units of 3,500cbm LPG Newbuilding delivery 2015.

5) 1units of 7,200cbm LPG Newbuilding delivery 2015.

6) Two units of 5,000cbm LPG Newbuilding delivery 2015.

7) Two units of 11,000cbm LPG Newbuilding delivery 2016

8) Fixed 10years BB for 10,000cbm Ethylene LPG.

9) Fixed long term charter for 19,900dwt st st chemical tanker and 10,000cbm Ethylene LPG.



1)Fixed 4 units of 19,900dwt st chemical Tanker Newbuilding at Japanese Shipyard.





ZŠF§105-0013  “Œ‹ž“s`‹æ•l¼’¬1’š–Ú24”Ô8†@ƒIƒŠƒbƒNƒX•l¼’¬ƒrƒ‹3ŠK






Žå—vŽæˆø‘DŽå(ABC‡)FÂ–ìŠC‰^AInter OceansA‰h•ŸŠC‰^AŒË“c‹D‘DAL˜aŠC‰^AV“Œ‹D‘D(SOC)A—é–ØŽÀ‹ÆA“ú”VoŠC‰^A”ª”¦•l‹D‘D@‚»‚Ì‘¼




Ÿ It takes 5min. from Imperial Hotel, 10 min. from Tokyo st. by Taxi cab.

Contact Info

Phone:............. +81 3 6450 1855

Fax:.................. +81 3 6450 1860